North Fork Beer Shrine


6186 Mt. Baker Highway
Deming , WA 98244


Mon-Fri 2:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Sat Noon - 9:30 PM
Sun 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM


I was getting tired toward the end of my cross-country ski run out at Salmon Ridge a few weeks ago. The only thing that kept my legs moving was knowing that we would be stopping for beer and pizza on the way home. Between Mount Baker and Bellingham, there is only one place to go - the North Fork Beer Shrine and Pizzeria in Deming.

If you’ve never been there before or never noticed it on your trips out to Mount Baker, it’s not surprising. From the road, the Beer Shrine looks just like any other large county tavern. But inside, you see immediately that it is a true shrine to beer and the art of brewing. Ancient beer bottles of all shapes and sizes line the walls of the restaurant. I also realized this was a serious pizza joint when I noticed the red checkered table cloths and the pizza stands resting on each table, ready to receive the made-to-order pie, yet leaving enough space on the table for pitchers of beer.

North Fork serves only self-brewed beer. There are several brews to choose from including the English Mild, Amber Wheat, Dry Stout, and I.P.A, among others. After tasting the Wheat Amber and the English Mild, I selected the latter because it was a real thirst-quencher, which you just can’t beat after skiing.

Pizza can be ordered by the slice or you can choose from a large variety of toppings to add to a 12- or 18-inch pie. My companion and I ordered the 12-inch, she had her side topped with anchovies, mushrooms, and gorgonzola cheese and I, being more of the traditionalist, went for straight peperoni. Our pizza arrived quickly and we abandoned our conversation to appease our empty bellies. The pizza was simply heaven on my palate and a description just won't do it justice, so go and try it out for yourself.

The Shrine is a more than worthy place to pay homage to great beer and excellent pizza, and I plan on becoming a regular pilgrim.
Written By: Hilary Higgins
On: 2/16/2000


Get off I-5 at Sunset Drive, and head east--the road soon becomes the Mount Baker Highway. Keep on going until you reach Deming. The Shrine is on your left.


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