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Located on Everson's Park Drive on the east bank of the Nooksack River, Riverside Park is your typical, multi-purpose community recreation park. Except for Memorial Day weekend, that is. That's when thousands of spectators and competitors gather in the park for the annual Ski to Sea race. Riverside Park serves as the road bike-to-canoe transition area and is a great place to watch exhausted and rubber-legged cyclists running in search of their canoe-paddling teammates. And a great place to watch canoeists dash and splash their way into and down the Nooksack.

For the rest of the year, Riverside Park fulfills its community park duties in fine fashion. There are two softball diamonds and plenty of lawn space for soccer or other team sports. Some equipment, soccer nets for example, is provided. There is a children’s playground, a public telephone and a picnic area with BBQ grills, and public restrooms. The log cabin in the park belongs to the Cub Scouts and, unfortunately, is not open for public use.

Not to be overlooked is the short but pleasant nature trail that follows the high and meandering banks of the river. Information boards are interspersed along the trail and offer the the lowdown on the local wildlife, the river ecology, and its surrounding habitat. There are also signposts that warn against walking along the path when the river’s waters are running high. Though Sumas Mountain is not an actual part of Riverside Park, its looming presence east of town provides a dramatic backdrop to this fine neighborhood park.

During the last century, the park’s land has gone through many facelifts due mainly to erosion caused by the river, and different owners' use of the land. In 1923, Helmut and Lizzie Iverson sold the land, then known as " The Island," to the Everson Community Club. Ten years later, the City Council took it over and promised to turn it into a park. In 1986, a park committee was formed by Ron Waldo and since then, various organizations and local volunteers have made the park what it is today.

The park is open to the public unless otherwise reserved. Reservations can be made at the Everson City Hall between 9 and 5pm.
Written By: Hilary Higgins
On: 1/18/2000


Take the Sunset Dr. exit from I-5 and follow Sunset Dr. east until you come to Everson-Goshen Rd. Take a left here and follow the road about 8 miles until you reach Everson. Just as you enter town, you cross a bridge. Park Drive is your first left.


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