5694 3rd
Ferndale , WA 98248
(360) 384-5820


Sun-Thurs 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Fri 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sat 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM


There is something so tongue-in-cheek about the Chihuahua Family Restaurant. It is a Mexican restaurant distinctly aware that it is far from Mexico. It seems to cater more to the Northwesterner's idea of Mexico than to authenticity. A smart move, and one so tastefully executed that the blend of Mexican and American cuisine and decor appears seamless. Even the name, Chihuahua, is exotic but familiar on the Northwestern tongue.

The food is serious business here. You can expect to be served Carne Asada, Carnitas de Res, Huevos con Chorizo in portions so large your stomach will surely hurt should you choose to clean your plate. The salsa is tangy and a bit spicy, but five-alarm it is not. The pico de gallo is fresh and compliments just about anything you order. If your children refuse even the tamest of Mexican fare, the Chihuahua offers burgers and fries. Lunch and dinner specials are available, as well as takeout. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about the menu is the relatively wide range of vegetarian dishes it boasts. Spinach Tamale, Mole en Hongos and Burrito Relleno, among others, are novelties to most visitors. All in all, the menu is quite extensive, including beer, wine, mixed drinks and desserts.

The service, as well as the decor, is unobtrusive. Both compliment your dining experience rather than distract from it. You can expect to enjoy your meal surrounded by a Tex-mex scene, complete with terra cotta and colorful murals. The tables are topped with a distinctly Southwestern design, foreign enough to the Fourth Corner to be exotic. The service is attentive but if hovering waiters delight you, the Chihuahua isn't going to be your hot spot. Far from pushy, the servers here are capable of removing your plates and refilling your drinks without even a pause in your conversation.

If you want a little bit of Mexico, the Chihuahua can certainly provide it. With reasonable prices and accommodating hours, this is the restaurant for Sunday brunch, afternoon lunch with the girls or your buddies from work, and a Saturday night dinner with your spouse.
Written By: Holly Gray
On: 4/5/1999


From Main street in Ferndale, take a right onto third. The Chihuahua is right down the street on the corner.


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