Wiser Lake


Guide Meridian, Lynden
Lynden , WA 98264


This lake, located in the heart of the Whatcom lowlands, provides a lot of diversity despite its small size. Residents and visitors enjoy fishing, paddling, wildlife viewing, as well as power boating and water-skiing.

Highway 539, also known as the Guide Meridian, divides the lake into two very different parts. The eastern side of the lake is almost entirely lined with private homes that range from rustic cabins to chateau styled mansions. The lake’s only public access is located on this side next to the Guide. To off load boats and park here, a Washington Fish & Wildlife, Access Stewardship Decal is required (included with fishing license or purchased separately). Once on the lake, boaters soon find the small marshy area on the far-east side. During the day, this is where the wildlife concentrates in order to avoid human activity. Paddling even slowly around the lake doesn’t take much effort or time but you won’t want to hurry. Dominating the skyline, on a clear day, is one of the finest views of our local mountains. Due to Wiser Lake’s location, a window between the high foothills opens up a panorama view that includes mounts Shuksan, Baker, the Black Buttes and the Twin Sisters Range.

The west side of the lake offers a completely different experience. The access through a small shallow cut under The Guide restricts the larger powerboat activity. Here paddlers and wildlife enjoy a quieter and more natural setting. The extensive marsh provides homes for the majority of the lake’s birds and the seclusion allows a beaver family to live here.

So whether your driving "The Guide" or looking for a small but special water outing, keep Wiser Lake in mind.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 5/10/2001


From I-5 and Guide Meridian, drive north on the Guide (Hwy 539) for about 8 miles. Cross well-marked Wiser Lake and turn right/east onto Wiser Lake Road. Turn right on the first road and continue to the parking lot.




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