Peaceful Valley Country Club


8225 Kendall Road
Maple Falls , WA 98266


Every day 8:00 AM - Dusk


There are two things you might notice as you drive out to the Peaceful Valley country club in Maple Falls. First, you are leaving all the city noise behind, and second, all the golfers on that course know a little secret.

The secret is, of course that Peaceful Valley may be one of the nicest, as well as one of the least known courses in Whatcom County. Tucked in among Mt. Baker’s foothills, and as its namesake suggests, golfers will find that Peaceful Valley is, well, peaceful.

While the nine-hole, 2471-yard, par 33 course is not technically challenging, it offers golfers the opportunity to practice their craft without fear of shagging their ball into the woods. Once on the course, golfers will find the fairways well groomed and the greens in excellent condition. There are not many hazards, but your ball may find an occasional bunker inconveniently placed in front of some greens. There are also no par 5s so many holes are short enough that a good drive could get you on the green and feeling like Tiger Woods. But, watch out for the par-3 hole at number 8, at 223 yards many people play it like it’s a par-4 not realizing that they’ve just added a stroke to their score. Trust me, it’s happened before.

While Peaceful Valley has been around since the 1970s, it is just now becoming a course worth visiting. In other words, anyone who has golfed here before, but not returned needs to give it another shot. Highlighting the round will be the presence of the foothills that surround the course giving the illusion that you are golfing on one of Mt. Baker’s alpine meadows. In the spring months low lying clouds and mist will usually adorn the tops of those hills increasing the aesthetic beauty. But, the biggest draw, may be the sheer lack of noise from cars and people that can be found a most courses in the Bellingham area. In other words, forget about large crowds, this place still remains a secret.
Written By: C. Haveman
On: 6/16/2000


Drive out the Mount Baker Highway for about 20 miles until you reach Kendall Road. Turn left at the gas station and follow the signs.


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