Baker Hot Springs

Baker Lake
Newhalem , WA
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The Baker Hot Springs have long been known to locals and used as a year- round destination. Located at low elevation and a short distance from a forest road, they are easily accessed any time of year. Fed on the heat of the volcanically active Mount Baker, the sulfur-rich minerals give the water a soapy feel that some bathers believe imparts a therapeutic quality. When undisturbed, the water appears clear and wispy vapors may be seen rising into the forest canopy. When disturbed however, the slick mineral sediments at the bottom quickly turn the water into an opaque green milky bath that stands in contrast to the dark brown colors of the forest floor surrounding it.

Various structures and shelters have been added from time to time but its popularity and easy access have also been its downfall. Vandalism and overuse have led to problems including contamination and the Forest Service no longer monitors the site for safety. The seasonal fluctuation in cold water mixing can also lead to surprises. Winter visitors expecting a lot of heat in their hot springs may be disappointed by dilution from rain and snow.

Though communal bathing in a tepid pool may not be your ideal, the site does offer another interesting facet to this wonderfully varied and interesting area of the North Cascades.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 3/8/2001


Take Highway 20 east from Sedro Woolley, turn north onto Baker Lake Hwy (FS #11). In 19.5 miles turn left onto Forest Road 1144; go about 3 miles to parking areas on side of road. Trail is on left/west side; go south on trail about a quarter mile.
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