Dave Erickson


David Erickson was born a long time ago in Edmonds, Washington. He is a graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture and Washington State University with a Masters Degree in Sport and Recreation Management. This would explain his general state of confusion around Apple Cup time. David lives in Ferndale with his wife, Deanne, sons, Michael and Matthew, and two mentally challenged cats, C.J. and Taylor. In 1997, David took up golf as a hobby and is regretting that decision ever since. He spends much of his free time in his workshop creating custom outdoor furniture, birdhouses and bird feeders. You may also find him voraciously reading historical novels, science fiction and mysteries or completing residential landscape designs and consultations. A strong advocate of parks and recreation, you may most likely find him snoozing under a tree at a park or at parks@nas.com.
Contact Dave Erickson at parks@ci.ferndale.wa.us
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