Hilary Higgins


After graduating from Oberlin College in the late 80s, I spent the next ten years living and working in Germany and enjoying many travel adventures all over Europe. My Scottish husband James and I have worked together on the Isle of Skye in northern Scotland; gone on busking tours in various countries; worked in Irish pubs and beer gardens in Regensburg, Germany; picked grapes in Burgundy, France. Before moving to the States in 97, we spent a year traveling around Europe in a VW bus with our floppy dog Huck Finn. Between my travels and working, I found time to study as a technical translator for German and English and have worked in that capacity in both Germany and the US. During our year in the van I also began a writing course for the London School of Journalism and wrote some travel articles while on the road. James and I moved to Bellingham from Wisconsin in January so I could accept a job with a small technical communications company. I also work as a translator and writer on a freelance basis. When I‘m not stuck in front of a computer, I can be found exploring the backroads of Bellingham on my bike, hiking up Chuckanut Mountain with James and Huck, or playing ultimate frisbee. After so much travel and moving around, we feel we couldn‘t have found a more beautiful place than Bellingham to hang up our traveling shoes for a while.
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