Debra Exley


Having left a warm and safe and dry career in health care, I began to resculpt myself as a writer—a not so warm, definitely unsafe and questionable-as-careers-go sort of endeavor. Life forces gave a nod of approval though and flung the doors open hard and wide. Writing larks that have resulted in public recognition include author interviews, book reviews, book editing and personal interviews. Writing the content for web sites comes easily to me and is so satisfying, I now direct my talents toward that venue.

My speckled past includes the good fortune to live in some indisputable garden spots: the Monterey Peninsula of California, the front range of the grand state of Colorado and now Anacortes, Washington. There was a colorful patch of extended RV travel when with kayaks and bikes lashed to a green ’78 truck, my partner Dan and I appeared something akin to the Clampets. We can enliven any drab dinner party with stories gained from our brief stint managing an RV park during that life period.

Life for me is best in the garden, on a hike with our center-of-the-universe dog Lucia, at the keyboard composing (language!) or when reading GREAT fiction by a SUPERB author. For, I’ll be the one out there on the trails, notepad in hand with an eye toward accessibility, and the large brown dog showing us all how life ought to be lived.

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