Dave Shepherd


Dave Shepherd is a 27-year-old senior at Western Washington University, teetering on the brink of being thrust back into the real world. His only defense: an English major, a plethora of minors (journalism, Russian language, archaeology), the ability to use "plethora" in a sentence and write in third person, cat-like ninja skills and a complete lack of shame.

With this stunning array of tools, he hopes to go write stuff and get paid for it, preferably in exotic lands where he speaks the language (Australia, Russia, Spain, South America, Colorado). If you're an employer, contact him at Hemmingway2000@hotmail.com. If you're a fan, adore him at Hemmingway2000@hotmail.com. If you have complaints, he's currently between computers, so has no e-mail address; telephones give him the "willies." Dave appreciates you caring who wrote this stuff!

Contact Dave Shepherd at hemmingway2000@hotmail.com
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