Georgie Muska


Georgie Muska has been living in the great northwest since leaving England in 1980. She and her husband spent many years on the remote south end of Lopez Island in the San Juans, working in the winter on the island and running a commercial fishing boat (a troller) up to southeast Alaska every summer to fish for salmon. With their kids growing up, they have made a stimulating move to Whatcom County, where they spend free time in the mountains. They also enjoy the novelty of being married to each other instead of to the ferry schedule.

Georgie’s work has been published in Prune Alley (a literary quarterly), Shark Reef (Lopez Writers Guild literary publication), and the Friday Harbor Journal. She has won “best adult entry” in the Written Word division at the San Juan County Fair, and she is strangely proud of being a winner in the Whatcom Indy’s limerick contest. She is working towards publishing her journals of taking her young children commercial fishing in Alaska. More accurately, she is running out of excuses for not working on this!

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